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Risks can be derived from maternal history and any combinations of biomarkers. In the application below you can either use the MoM values reported by the laboratory or provide the raw data and the MoM values will be calculated. For more information on the background of this application please click here. This software is based on research carried out by The Fetal Medicine Foundation.


Clinical risk assessment requires that the ultrasound and biochemical measurements are taken and analyzed by accredited practitioners and laboratories. If you want to visit your own FMF page please click here. Please review the following: dummy. Pregnancy dating.

Fetus 1. Fetal crown-rump length mm. Gestational age.

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Examination date. Maternal characteristics Date of birth. Height cm.

Height ft ft. Height in in.

Risk for preeclampsia

Weight kg. Weight lbs lbs.

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  • Conception method Spontaneous Ovulation drugs In vitro fertilization. Date of delivery. Inter-pregnancy interval years.

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    Date of measurement. Systolic blood pressure left arm measurement 1.

    Diastolic blood pressure left arm measurement 1. Systolic blood pressure left arm measurement 2.

    Diastolic blood pressure left arm measurement 2. Pulsatility index of the left artery. Pulsatility index of the right artery.

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